Tuesday, 19 January 2010

When to Buy and Sell Stocks?

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We all know that in the stock market is always possible to watch certain stocks go up more than 50% within a few hours to days. This is especially true in the 4th quarter of the year where the buying frenzy starts in wall street.

The financial media constantly reports about momentum stocks that are achieving tremendous gains during the same day. And even when you can see online investors that make $3000 on a single trade, it is also not unusual to watch beginner stock investors lose a great deal of money because of a series of unwise decisions

The problem is that if you don't know how to pick among stocks & how to properly approach them you could end up wasting dollars instead of making your wallet happy. You can't just trade stocks like if you where gambling in Vegas or Atlantic City.

The first step in becoming a profitable trader is to start learning how to pick and trade stocks. There are many "ultimate" trading systems out there, but you need to test them in order to discover which ones help you the most. That's part of your homework as a stock trader. Test several strategies and then test them again until you are able to produce consistent winnings.

Bogus stock trading software programs and complicated day trading systems that rely on a "boat load" of technical analysis indicators can confuse you and make you slow, and being slow when trading stocks can be as dangerous as not knowing what to do in the first place.

The worst thing that can happen to a beginner stock market trader is to get information overload. It's better to go step by step, and test a practical trading strategy that can help you focus on simple ways to make money while picking SOLID hot stock trading opportunities once at a time.

In the end, stock trading is all about buying and selling according to your especific knowledge FILTER. Once you master and follow your proven filter parameters like a clock, you can expect to start making serious amounts of cash on a consistent basis.

Fortunately some websites on the internet can show you how to use effective and proven stock trading strategies. One of those sites that can show you how to take advantage of hot stocks using simple to understand and apply momentum trading strategies is http://www.momentumstockpick.com/

Visit them today & discover how to profit in the stock market by picking hot stock trading opportunities in a realistic way every week.
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