Thursday, 12 January 2012

Larry Williams Forecast 2012 Report

I have just completed my 2012 forecast... it is an exciting one, projecting three major moves this coming yearHere is a hint at two of them:

1) There will be a significant sell off in the first half of the year

2) There will be a very strong rally - before the elections

You are probably wondering how I he does this?  It is simple to explain but not simple to do.  He first determines all of the short-term intermediate and long term cycles in a market then blend these together with the historical very long term cycles.  The result is a road map of what I expect the market to do this coming year.
As you can see the Dow has repeatedly followed the road maps with a good deal of clarity.  That's good news, but the even better news is the same technique can be used on individual commodities and stocks. This is his 7th year of formalizing these forecasts in a report, with an ever increasing readership because they have been correct.

Don't take my word for it. Take my charts, the forecasts I made last year.  See for yourself. Here are the exact forecasts made for Gold, Silver, Copper, RBOB Unleaded Gasoline, Treasury Bonds, and Microsoft for 2011.

Stop being shocked and surprised, and unprepared. Know the future.

All sales will stop on January 20, 2012. After that no copies of the report will be sold. Also note the report is copyrighted and watermarked on every page so you are protected from copyright pirates.

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